The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 28

I went to the hospital on saturday, i met her mum by her side, she thanked me for all i did…..she later excused us saying she want to pick something at home and since i was around, i should be able to keep her company…

Abimbola started crying the moment her mum left Abimbola:thanks so much for everytyn snakie, i was told all what you did…..i appreciate u so much

Me:no problem bimbola….pls stop crying, the most important thing is dat you are fine now and i believed you have learnt from your mistake

Abimbola:have learnt alot and i wish i can turn back the hands of tym

Me:all is well, there’s always a reason for everytyn

Abimbola:i was surprised about guys, if sum1 told me they can desert me, i will never believe it

Me:what do u expect when all of them have marked their register on u cos u didnt belong to any identifiable person in that house

Abimbola:so, they told u evrytyn

Me:yes but i didnt tell them we have anytyn together….i was so disappointed when they told me and more reason why have been avoiding u for like 2months now

Abimbola:uhmmmm….i knew something must be wrong for u to be avoiding me

Me:see, we are all friends and dont think there’s anytyn we can hide from each other..they all knew from the onset and if i had known before having s*x with u, i wouldn’t have engage myself into this web……its unheard of that 5 guys are bleeping just one babe in the same room…….they now turn u to a multi purpose charger where they charged their battery….making jest of you behind you….i had to withdraw myself from you

Abimbola:am very sorry for everytyn

Me:notyn to be sorry about abimbola, i thank God u are now fine……but who got you pregnant among guys

Abimbola:it was leke Me:leke?datz serious and u didnt tell him before using drugs or it was agreed by both of u to use drug?

Abimbola:no ooo….it was not our agreement…leke drugged me and it was in connivance with labake

Me:u mean leke drug u without your knowledge? Thought u were not bleeping him again

Abimbola:i was, am sorry i failed my promise to u…..leke has been the only guy av been bleeping for the past three months…, when it happened, i told him and it led to argument and i told him am not going for abortion as have been told not to try it again the last tym i went for it…i was not ready to risk my life…didnt know how labake got to know i was pregnant for leke , she confronted me and we threatened each other….leke was begging me for abortion as he told me point blank that he coukdnt let me spoil his relationship with labake….that got me infuriated and i promised not to abort the pregnancy and fyt it out with labake….he invited me out to his flat on saturday, sweet mouth me and told me he was ready to accept me, i was happy and before i knew it, we had s*x again…a lovely one for that matter after which i cooked for him and we ate together but little did i know that leke had already put drug inside my drink and am so sure it was labake that instigate that cos i dont think leke had the mind……she met me on my way out of their flat that evening but instead of getting angry as it was before, she just smiled and hissed, then i laughed. I was sleeping and my stomach started turning me in the middle of the night and before i knew what was happening, blood has soaked everywhere…i wanted to stand up but there was no energy….i was getting weak as time goes on, i couldn’t even move my hand nor call anybody…i was hearing u guys voice and was praying on my mind for any of u guys to come in until u showed up…i was happy and relieved when i saw u and i believed God wanted to give me another chance….

Me:uhmmmmm……leke and labake are heartless

Abimbola:you can say that again….i told u the kind of person she is now…..she’s a devil Me:uhmmmmm……..i guess we have all learnt our lessons

Abimbola:definitely. ….

Me:but i have a confession to make and i want you to forgive me….

Abimbola:what’s it? You are already forgiven snakie cos already, you are more than a friend to me, you are already my family and a part of me that i will always cherish

Me:i slept with labake so many tyms

Abimbola:i know….. Me surprised)……how did u know

Abimboka:there was a day i saw u guys around that street in a coded dark area, it was ur cloth i noticed, i waited and saw all what u guys did together, the way u kissed her and touched her…….i started monitoring u since then and i use to see u sneak into their flat…..i realuzed i dont deserve u likewise she too, so i just allowed you to bleep her as much as u like but i was alwats watching to make sure she doeant harm u… are a good guy snakie, none of us deserve u, more reason i started straffing leke again cos i can alwats threaten her with you…pls forget it,….notyn to be sorry about but hope u bleep her very well sha? Wetyn i even dey ask? I trust u jare…but stop bleeping her again abeg, all u need is a decent babe that will love u and u will love again

Me:lolzzz….you are not serious….i hear u

Abimhola:bad boi Me:me bad boi? U no am not bad now……..

Abimbola: jst pulling ur leg….,where are u going from here

Me:home jare…..i will be going to the hostel tomorrow, i left since yesterday

Abimbola:ohk We talked about so many things and i left the hospital aroubd 7pm…..i decided to make my way to the hostel on sunday afternoon, i got home and everywhere was dry..our flat was not locked, i entered inside and everwhere was scattered, i went to leke’s flat and it was the same thing….what’s happening?

on my way downstairs i saw one of our downstairs neighbour and asked where all my friends are….

”they are at the hospital”……what about egbon leke..”he is also there too”

………lobatan, what happened?