The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 29

I quickly dashed out, make my way to the hospital, they directed me to where they were, I met four of them in the same ward, they were seriously battered, eyes swollen, scratches all over their body

Me: Guy, wetyn happene now

Kay: Na so we see am oooo

Me: Na robbers abi na confra guys?

Kay: we no even know cos no known face among all of them but am sure they are both….

Me: Na wah oo…hw d tyn take happen

Kay: Na so dem they ask oo……we were just inside, I finished preparing rice and I served everybody, Micheal was already eating sef when they forcefully opened our door, like 7 of them came in fully loaded..notyn we could do, we laid flat on the floor and they started beating us….then we were asked to file out………it was a surprise when we got down and saw all our neighbours outside including Labake and Leke

Me: This is serious………..and u didn’t recognise any of their face

Kay: Sincerely, none…….They were more than 50 in numbers and majority of them fully loaded, they asked everyone of us to sit on the floor they started beating Leke mercilessly, like 6 guys on him hitting him hard, we were even scared he will die….., they picked labake and asked her to strip Unclad, she felt reluctant at first but who born her well at gun point……they brought a bench and asked Leke to start bleeping her in the presence of everybody

Me: and he did? Kay: what do u expect? He started bleeping her and they asked her to stop after like 10mins……..

Me: na wah oo…so, una watch mojo FOC live………………

Kay:We watched? I wish u were there so that you can come and watch too… of them just kept blabbing on Labake that sebi her shakara too much that they will spoil her fine geh and she will never try that again next tym

Me: Na wah oooo…….so, they didn’t touch any other person again nor do anytyn……….

Kay: uhmmmm…..


Kay: After leke finish bleeping Leke, they asked all of us to strip down too and instructed us to start bleeping Labake one after the other while Leke fan us…we were given 5mins each

Me: And u guys did it?

Kay: Which kind question u dey ask me now

ogbeni………………That was how we all bleep Labake one after the other and leke fanned us……..after which they asked Labake to suck all of us too in their presence and all neighbours……………They started beating us like mad after we finish bleeping Labake, the only tyn they didn’t do to us was to shoot us…………

Leke own was the worst cos they nearly killed him but they jus make Labake go through a trauma she will never forget………….

Me: na wah ooo…so, they didn’t touch any other neighbour aside our room and Leke

Kay: Nah…they just turn them to audience even they robbed everybody, collected all phones and jewelleries….not even a slap on any one of them.

Me: Na wah ooo…I guess its labake that fumbles to one of them

Kay: That’s our own thinking too cos they just kept shouting that they will spoil her fine geh cos her shakara too much……

Me: I no even fit go house again now cos I dey scared…

Kay: Abeg no go ooo if you love your life

Me: So, they let u guys to enjoy before they started beating u…I no say una enjoy the bleeping so well

Kay: U dey craze wallahi

Me: wetyn una go eat now, atleast make I go hostel tomorrow go help u guys pack somethings here…

Kay: E go better ooo…cos I no dey go back that hostel for the next one month