The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 30

I left them in the hospital late in the night……………….i made a phone call when I got home

Me: why did u do that Bimbola Bimbola: Why did I do wat?

Me:u know what am saying, so don’t pretend Bimbola: what’s it now

Me: why did u send guys to the hostel to treat guys fcck up

Bimbola:4get that one snakie

Me: I no dey forget am…u no suppose do like that now

Bimbola: what if I died when leke and Abimbola drugged me? Me:But you are not dead now…

Bimbola: See, snakie, am very sorry I disappointed you but I never feel any remorse for what I did….Leke wanted to terminate my life cos of Labake, they spoilt my life, my chance of conceiving again is just 5%, they destroyed my life already. its better I disgrace her in public so that I will know if he will still marry her or not, u know the most painful thing is seeing another man climb ur babe…it would have been better if it has been those guys that bleeped her but the worst of it was guys that you know very well…….

Me: You should have left everytyn to God…… what will happen if they know you are the one

Bimbola: They will never know..those guys are not internal at all ooo…they are external from a very far place and as dem play am, they make it look as if it was Labake that offended them

Me: But did they tell u how they almost kill all guys?

Bimbola: I know, I have the video with me and that’s the reward for guys…..i gave them body, my life, I cook for them with my money most times, I do everytyn to satisfy them and what did I get in return? They leave me to go and die on my own…who does that and go scot free…..what would have happened to me if u were as callous as them


Bimbola:Pls am very sorry snakie, I had to do this last one and close the chapter to all my bad deeds……

Me:so, how much did u pay for the job? B

imbola: me pay……shingban, I no pay at all….my body don do all they work for me in the past now….I have the video with me, you can come and watch it tomorrow…I swear, u go laff tire

Me: U dey craze…u will never change

Bimbola: I don change olorun…I just have to do the needful

Me:ohk..i will be coming tomorrow

I went to Abimbola house the following day and I was wowed with the video, it was so hilarious and pathetic.

Fastforward to like a month after the incident, things has settled down and guys back in the hostel…Leke moved out of the house two weeks after the incident, my guys were still trying to get a clue on those who did the job but it got to a stage when they were told to forget about it that it will never happened again…..

I was in the hostel this fateful afternoon when my mumsy called that my maternal grand mother died……date was fixed for the burial. Arrangement were on the utmost side, everybody was in party mood and enjoying each other…my grand father was inside and couldn’t come out, I got tired as at a stage cos of gatz to meet various people introducing you to either one person or the other……most family members were coming in to greet my grand father..we were inside when someone …..

The woman exchanged pleasantries casually with my mumsy and grand father responded…..”see the way you guys greeted each other, am sure you don’t know each other”…..No sir”” mumsy responded….

This is my junior sister’s daughter..the one that died the other time………

”hey yah…..”they greeted each other very well again..then someone walked in “mummy you have a call”

Me: Labake?


Mumsy: U know each other?…….

Me: Yes……..

Labake’s mum: That’s serious…you see how life is? This is my second daughter

Mumsy: You see, they have evn met before not knowing they are family member………………..

My mouth was wide opened and I couldn’t imagine what was happening…………

Labake my cousin? Someone should pls wake me up from my dream abeg……….