The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 32

Abimbola was smilling and looking surprised as she was approaching us, my heart was beating faster, apparently she didn’t see Labake, I was a bit happy inside me but still praying to scale through the hurdle of Labake who was just metres away..

The moment she walked past her, Labake sighted her and drew her back from behind…(Gobe)….

Bimbola removed her hand, mood changed instantly and they were ready for fight, they started raining abuse on each other and already started pushing themselves

My Mum : kilo nse awon omode yi ke, se won mora won ri tele ni (whatz wrong with this children, do they know themselves before?)

Bimbola’s Mum: E bami lawon ke, e ma je ko faso ya mora won lorun..(Pls, help me separate them, don’t allow them tear each others cloth)

My mum: Abi iru kileleyi, egbon ati aburo nja ni party (what kind of thing is this, siblings fighting in a party) I quickly moved in between them…………..

Bimbola: Ahh…..wetyn u dey do here snakie? Leave me alone jhoor

Bimbola’s Mum: Bimbola, whatz wrong with you? U guys should leave each other jhoor……….what happened?whatz the cause of the fight? Do u know yourself before?

My mum: Sebi omo sister niyi, Labake (this is sister’s daughter, Labake)

Bimbola’s mum: which sister

My mum: This is grand daughter of Mama Ota……

Bimbola’s Mum: ehn ehn…na wah ooooo

Labake’s mum had already join us and some of my uncles and aunt……

One of My eldest uncle instructed everybody to start going inside so that they can settle whatever was the cause of the fight, all families (children, grand children, great grand children, and all) members were present in the sitting room including grandpa….as Robertbh said, come and see my other hot, s*xy**,shapy,pretty and curvy distance cousins that are more prettier and endowed than Labake and Bimbola…………….

Uncle: What’s the cause of the fight…what happened? Have u guys met before or the fight just started here

Yawa don gas as I put my head down when the question was asked but “there was total silence”, neither Bimbola nor Labake responded

My Mum: Were you not the one they are asking questions from…….why are you looking like slowpoke

Bimbola’s Mum: As if they were not the one shouting and fighting outside now

My Aunty: They said what happened?

“There was still total silence” (how will they talk? What will they claim was the cause of their fight)

Me: Thank You sir, Agba yin a dale sir (May your days be long sir), I greet you all my mothers and elderly ones here…………….they might not want to talk because of some grudges they had against each other but instead of looking for the cause of the problem, I believe what you should do for us is that both of them should forget about whatever might have happened between them in the past and embrace peace.

There’s no need of going up and down with past issues sir……..The truth is that we have been friends for some years now…Me, Labake and Abimbola…but we never knew we were family, none of us ever talk about our lineage before but how could we when we don’t bear the same surname but lets assume there’s this kind of gathering when children meet each other, I believe the issue of problem wont happened….

We have been staying under the same roof for a while now and if I say I didn’t know the cause of the problem I will be lying but the most important thing now my fathers and mothers is to help me plead to both of them to forget about the past…Am very sure if we knew we are from the same lineage, maybe what happened in the past wouldn’t have happened but I believe we have all learnt our Gra

Grand Pa: You see, oro legbo yen oo (those are words you just listened to)…Ose jare omo mi, olorun o ni gba lakaye e, you are not a bastard, you resemble me……..when we always clamour for you guys to be coming home, you wont…look at what happened? Who even knows if the worst had not happened…(for my mind…what kind of worst grandpa).

I can bet the last time I set my eyes on any of my grand children not to talk of great grand children………..When the ones that are males doesn’t bring home their children, how will female do? You always believe your children are your husband’s property and neglected your own side…look at the outcome now….two siblings fighting at the party and embarrassing themselves…………..My children, you are all one, please forget about the past cos I don’t want to know what happened before, it all happened when you guys didn’t know you are embrace yourself cos I don’t want anytyn like fight again……so, you guys should stand up, hug each other and let everytyn be over………….

My uncle: Are you not the one they are talking to…..common stand up and hug each other jhoor…..

Grand Pa: who is even the eldest among them……………

My Aunt: I think Labake collected two months from Abimbola while snakie senior Labake with 9 month…..

Grand Pa: So, snakie, you are the eldest, you started with friendship so you guys should continue to be friends

All: E shey sir (Thank You Sir)………….