The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 34

Everybody was still greeting each other when I drag both of them by their hands and started moving outside..they followed me..we walked down to the extreme of the party in a coded area…

I instructed someone to bring 3 chairs for us as we seated………….

Me: Babes, you see, am very sorry for all what happened… was all my fault

Bimbola: Sincerely it wasn’t your fault

Labake: Its not your fault cos our grudges have been on ground before we met you and am very sure you wouldn’t have done anytyn with me if we knew we were family from beginning

Me: But everytyn resurrected when I came into the picture…………..You guys felt either of you deserve me more and you can go to any length to achieve your aim…there’s no need for blaiming game again………..lets assume all what happened belongs to our past and move forward..nobody must know what happened between us as its not worthy to the ear…..i thought I was enjoying before but my prick has turn that enjoyment to bad emotional feelings that I will never forget till I die……………..

Imagine what could have happened if you guys said what happened between us during the meeting, what the outcome would have would have been a calamity.

I believe God wanted to teach us a lesson and to me, have learnt in a hard way and believe I will never let my prick control my brain again rather let my brain control my prick……

Labake: Sincerely, it wasn’t your fault at all…..we are even the one that caused all this for you cos our grudges has been on ground before we met you and if not for our wayward ways..u never asked us out now rather we gave ourselves freely to you thinking we can force ourselves on you in the long run……if we didn’t come to you cheaply like that you wouldn’t have committed yourself into something bad like this…we are the architect and the one to blame for all this issues..i regretted everytyn, I regretted the past that I lived…pls, find a place in your heart to forgive me and Bimbola, pls I don’t hold any grudges against you…my mind is free now…am totally a change person from the Labake you knew has taught me a great lesson and I learnt the hard way…am very sorry for all I did to you…pls accept my apology…

Bimbola: Am very sorry for everytyn too…..My mind is clear toward you and all I just want is for snakie to forgive us of what we led him into…..

Me: You are all forgiven and I think the next thing is for us to seek for forgiveness from God…We need to pray to God to forgive us all our sins and I believe he will answer our prayer…

Labake and Bimbola: Amen…

Me: How about Leke? Labake: Leke ke? We are no more again ooo…we are separated

Me: That’s just the best thing for you to do cos I cant imagine you marrying that kind of guy as husband

Labake: Abi oo…we don’t really deserve each other jare…he’s bygone in my life..what about boys

Me: They are still fine ooo….Hostel is dry now after the last incident that happened. Am now home fully cos am presently working as a brand ambassador for a telecommunication company pending when service will come

Labake: What about Bimbola?

Bimbola: I go to school from home now…am different from the person u knew before too…my studies is the paramount thing now… Labake: That’s very good…….Its good seeing you guys again most especially u snakie…..You are one of very cool, gentle bad guy I ever met

Bimbola: Even me too

Me: Shut up jhoor…abeg lets go back to the party…

We went back to the party and everything was back to normal….

I learnt a great lesson that I always do some background check before getting down on any lady and my experience thought me about the essence of family in someones life most especially those of us that come from this part of the world of extended families.

Labake got married to a new guy she met in 2011 and they have two babies presently, Bimbola got married early last year and the funniest thing was that she didn’t wait for the fruit of the womb before God blessed her with a bouncing baby boy and as for me?