The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 5

I left all my guys in school cos I wanted to go home and relax this faithful afternoon, I decided to make my way to the hostel, I didn’t expect to meet anybody at home as all of us were out.

I got home, opened the door with the spare key outside, I was surprised to meet Abimbola in the sitting room watching movie with just bra and pant, guess she used the extra key on her to open the door and lock it back

Me:so, u locked yourself inside
Abimbola: I don’t want pple to know am home ni jare
Me:u didn’t later go out or u came back early
Ambimbola:I came back early ni jare..what about other guys
Me:They are still in AJ doing faaji jare
Abimbola:wetyn com do u
Me: Just feeling tired and decided to start coming home ni
Me:Wetyn dey house to eat?
Abimbola:Rice dey my own plate still dey here sef
Me:Go and help me with it now abeg
Abimbola:ohk….i dey come

Bimbola stood up, I couldn’t help but stared on her Buttocks and medium size bweast too, I noticed she couldn’t look at my face during the little conversation we had, and her face was somewhere else throughout. Instead of her going to the kitchen, it was the room she went to and came out with full cloth on.

Ordinarily if everybody was complete at home, she will remain like that till only God knows when she will feel like putting on something, she doesn’t even bother some other time self. She came back with my food and went back inside her room leaving me alone in the sitting room.

“Bimbola came back later to the sitting room”

Abimbola: Snakie, your neighbours have started again ooo
Me:watz dat…….
Abimbola: Didn’t u hear their noise
Me: (Reduce the volume of the TV)….This guy will kill this geh one day oooooo…Is it by force?
Abimbola: don’t mind her, I don’t know why someone will be beating you like this everytime and you will still be claiming love
Me:lemme go and watch them abeg……

I stepped outside and what I saw was the babe running out from the room, she ran into my hand at the entrance of our room…….She was crying, Her top has become a rag and her bare
bweast was already out from the cloth as she used her hand to hold everything together. She was just shouting “fool”””, agbaya…….hired killer
Me:Pls, its okay…..pls take it easy abeg…can u pls come inside the house pls

I led her inside our flat and left her with Abimbola who was inside the room and didn’t even bother to come out, gave her a wrapper to cover herself with and went inside their own flat. Everywhere was scattered and he was looking rough too…….you will know it has been a serious fight

Me:Its okay egbon leke
Leke:Thank you jare snakie
Me:we need to take things easy with our ladies oo egbon, God no go let us see wetyn go carry us enter jail oo or wetyn we go do finish wey we go com dey regret in future. We are not perfect in life, you see all this our women, its only mouth that they have and its someone they will sent to jail they always look for.

Irrespective of what she might have done to you, I believe you can always settle things amicably and even if you feel you cant take it at that moment, its better to walk out of the room and take some fresh air so that everytyn will cool down before coming back home.

A lady will forever be a lady, they are all stubborn but our perseverance and understanding as a man that they can never be perfect is what keep relationship going…………………….

Leke:she really get me angry ni jare
Me:I know, that’s their behaviour but you shouldn’t have let it turn to this egbon. Pls think of the embarrassment, the way people will be saying they have started again everytym…….Do u think our parent relationship
was a rousy one like too? Every relationship has their own up and down but the most important thing is understanding. In our relationship, one person has to be a goat while the other person will be a sheep. We cant both be sheep and goat at the same time. Pls am begging you, just let everything die down….call your wife and sort things out pls.

Leke:Thank you snakie, we will talk more when am back………I need to rush out to somewhere now

We both stepped out as he locked the door of his flat, I even forgot to ask him about what will happened to his girlfriend. I went back to our own flat and met Labake crying……………….
Me: Its ohk sister Labake, nothing to cry over
Labake:Thank you………….
Me: my advice to you is just that, you are still young and you don’t need to turn yourself to handicap before you eventually married each other. Beating here and there, it’s the body that will suffer it, you don’t even care about your health and the outcome of your action?

You don’t need to fight back anytym your guy is angry, I believe you have been dating for a while now and you know those things that you do that will infuriate him. Silence is always golden my sister, all you could do anytym he is angry is to step aside either to lock yourself in the room or something but you raise your voice at the same will be serious trouble. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Am not supporting his action oo cos I detest it in all ramification but you guys can handle this better. You think other neighbours don’t fight? They do but they always know how to manage each other..tolerance is the most important thing in every relationship……..

Labake: have heard you uncle snakie, he caused everytyn
Me:am not disputing the fact cos no matter what might have happened, he shouldn’t be raising his hand over you but all the same, try and understand your guy, know what get him angry, know when his angry and try your best
to always manage your relationship. So, pls when he comes back, just try and know how to beg him and sort things out
Labake: thank You………Where is he?
Me:he has gone out…guess you have your extra key with you
Labake: No key is inside the room
Me:dats serious……..ohk, lemme just find you one top to put on pending when he will be back
Labake: Thank you….can I make use of your rest room?
Me:Sure……This is towel and top for you to wear
“she make her way to the rest room”