The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 6

I put on PS two and started playing before she later join me in the sitting room, Labake was looking so fresh after taking her bath, she was pressing her phone and all my mind pondered was why will a lady decide to stay put in a violence relationship like that. I cant imagine my sister or any of my family member going through this kind of relationship.

Labake: Which team are you?
Me:man united now……
Labake: so, computer is whipping u already
Me:I will equalize now…wait and see……
Labake: even with your Ronaldo and Rooney……….
Me:lolzz……how did u know them
Labake: Ahn ahn…….
Me: U watch football or play game?
Labake: am trying sha but its been long I play, only when am in school
Me:ohk…take pad then
Labake: Ahh….Don’t beat me too much oooo………..
Me: Don’t worry now……..choose your club abeg
Labake: Arsenal..ehn..ehn
Me:so, you be gonner…I no go even pity you at all
Labake: Oya now

“It was a pity she actually beat me at our first attempt, then I had to up my game on the second one” during this time, abimbola will come out of the room, walk around the sitting room and hissed at us. We continued with our game and was discussing. She received a call in the middle of our discussion and all I heard was telling the person that she was in our room with Abimbola around

Me: guess datz egbon leke
Labake: yes
Me: Love sha, how long have you guys been together?
Labake: u mean me and Leke?
Labake: Going to four years now….i met him during my ND program in Ojere, then he was serving in in Ogun state, his disturbance was extra ordinarily much before I accepted to date him after his service cos u no corpers now…
they like to do chop and clean mouth and me am not ready for that. He came into my life when my first and only boyfriend misbehaved and have known only two guys since then

Me:hey yah…datz lovely..what about your parent? Where are they from
Labake: My parents are here in Lagos, I was born and brought up in Alapafuja, Surulere but I don’t just like going home jare
Me:have u taken him home?
Labake:Not yet even though some of my sibblings knows him but not my parent
Me: that’s cool..but hope you guys are working towards the future?
Labake: Yes, but leke is too promiscuous more reason am giving him close marking, you know what they say about the meat you leave unattended to
Me:lolzzz….thats funny
Labake: Goal…………….Van persie
Me:you just have to bear with him, everything is time… know he is doing well with his business so, even if he’s not paching them, they will be running after him
Labake: but that doesn’t mean he should be doing it to my face. All I need is a respect for him…he cant have me in the house and be flirting with another geh on fone
Me:Don’t worry, all those will stop over time…
Labake:can leke stop? Am just praying to God sha…… even scared of going for service and am trying hard to work my service to lagos so I can be close to him but he’s not buying the idea because of his parol

Me:lolzzz………..dont worry everytyn will be fine..patience is everytyn. Anytym he’s angry, just go inside and lock yourself in till he calm down then try to talk to him when he will listen.
He’s your guy now and you know the right time to talk to him
Labake: enough about me, what about you……
Me:well, am an indegine of this state. My parent are also here in Lagos
Labake:What about your girlfriend cos I hardly see you with any babe unlike your friends
Me:I don’t have any…………….

Labake: lailai…I cant believe that jhoor, I guess u have been hiding her
Me:well, I was dating a lady from our 100level, our relationship will be six years in some months but we separated like two months ago
Labake: what happened?
Me:she got pregnant for another guy
Labake: As in?
Me: She got pregnant for a guy she introduced to me as her cousin six years ago
Labake: (paused the game)…you don’t mean it…
Me:datz the truth…After five years together
Labake: hey yah… sorry for that, some ladies are wicked sha
Me: U don’t have to pity me abeg (drop of tears on my face)
Labake: Its ohk jare…God knows the best

“knock on the door”