The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 8

We walked down to junction,i noticed the road was a bit empty on our way going,even though our area was not a busy one like that but it was too dark and empty

Me:whatz happening, people are so few on the road
Abimbola:i dunno, maybe pple entered inside so early….
Me:na wah ooo….
Abimbola:but its a bit empty sha…
We walked down to the junction, bought bread for N300 and N200 sardine and started walking back home, we got to the entrance of our street but i was still sceptical about how the road was

Me:wait bimbola, lets discuss here before going home
Abimbola:ehn…ehn, whats that
Me relaxed by the body of a car)……..what was the attitude this afternoon about
Abimbola:which attitude
Me:u were just hissing around when labake was in our house dis afternoon
Abimbola:u noticed that?i thoight love was in the air and u have no tym for that….sebi u guys were happy 2geda playing games and having fun
Me:which kind love b dat?whats happening
between both of u?y d beef

Abimbola:that weyrey geh…..abeg 4get her matter jhoor
Me:wetyn happenef (my hand on her waist)
Abimbola:there was a tym shaccused ed e i was dating her husband and it led to serious fyt
Me:fyt as in?hw did it happened
Abimbola:no b hin guy, d guy na confirm womaniser, he use to bring girls home anytym d weyrey geh is noaroundnd, u no he has money now. …i can even count how many school babe e don bleep
Me;u no mean am?
Abimbola: yes now……he started asking me out stylishly but i didnt give him any face, i still have some of d text msg for my fone sef
Me:how she come take accuse

Abimbola:thank u oo…i was at home alone that faithful day wen leke knocked our dpor and asked if e can borrow my charger then i borrowed him,later in d day my battery went flat and i went to the guys place to collect my charger…Unfortunately the weyrey geh came back from school dat moment and met me going out of their flat…dat was how she attacked me and led 2 serious fyt…
Me:fyt ke?
Abimbola:yes ooo…..serious one
Me:wat did leke do?
Ahimbola:: he was just begging me dat day and boys no dey around sef…since dat day, i don dey look 4 d geh make she cross my line
Me:na wah ooo
Abimbola:and d weyrey geh way no pure ooo
Me:as in?
Abimbola:we know all her runs 4 ojer now… b only leke she dey date now
Me:hw u take know dat one….
Abimbola:i get all my goons around now….
Me:oga ooo…..what about the babe wey u wan gimme now……
Abimbola:na tryke package i dey try arrange 4u but e be like say she never sure
Me:tryke ke? I been dey think between bunsky or cherrybrown now cos have been lookings towards their packages that any of them will suite my person…….

Abimbola: you have to choose one abeg, na ritababe or cutieepearl dey my mind before….
Me:no b me first talk then before you gave them to yurme and lumzybo
Abimbola:shey you go manage iyoaye or ephhay
Me:iyoaye na onihaxy property now and ephhay guy na my padi padi….i no dey do dat kind tyn abeg
Abimbola:ohk….i go arrange either bunsky,cherrybrown or tryke 4u……..

Me:wa sere…u too sure bimbola
Abimbola:i no even know ur wahala sef cos u already have labake
Me:stop am now…hw labake take enter our talk now…….
Abimbola:with wetyn happen 2day, i no fit forget am oo….wey u just bone me inside d room dey follow labake play love
Me:oya ma binu….it wont happen again (i leaned forward and peck her, wanted to move it a bit further for a kiss but she removed her mouth)
Abimbola:we don hear u…..abeg make we dey go, nyt don dey com, this one wey nobody dey pass since sef
Me:ohk….pls wait, there’s something in ur eye…lemme help u and remove it….just close ur eye

I leaned forward again and moved my mouth to her lips and kissed her
Abimbola:so, na d dirt wey u wan remove 4 my eye b dat
Me:am so sorry,it moved to ur lips so i heard to use my mouth to remove it…..
Abimbola:dont worry, you will explain that to boys wen we get home
Me:e never reach like dat now…
Abimbola:e don reach ooo….cos na me u use style kiss abi?i be small pikin ba?

We were still on this argument when two guys and one female started running towards where we were, still thinking about what was pursuing them then we started hearing gunshot…………the dound shows that the shot was very close to us, we started running home but by the tum we got to our gate, they have already locked the gate and no means to enter the compound……what do we do?