THE SAD TRUTH: Why Virginity Is Out Of Fashion

It is no longer a secret that the world, these days, takes chastity like a pinch of salt.

As the world is revolving and so many new innovations are taking over, it seems some of the African age long beliefs, like chastity before marriage, have all been distorted with unbelievably sweet lies.

Celibacy is a Latin word gotten from ‘caelibatus’. It solely means the state of voluntarily abstaining from every form of sexual activities over a period of time, for personal or religious reasons.

Nowadays, news pages and the emergence of internet have helped a great deal in painting chastity as an archaic state of mind, body and soul. The internet today bombards every young mind that has an internet-enabled mobile device with contents that suggest he/she might be missing out if he/she tries to be chaste. Even the so-call celebs that are meant to be the mirror to the younger generations and the society at large are not helping matters. They are mostly hired by corporate organizations and companies to convey sex-sublimed messages in order to sell the products of those companies.

Television programmes, adverts, songs, billboards preach sex in the most bizarre way to a set of unsuspecting viewers. With all these and more, when the question, ‘Is celibacy still a thing?’ get popped up at you, what comes to your mind?

According to Miss Tobiloba, a journalist in Lagos, celibacy looks a little awkward in this present day, but it is still being practiced by lots of people from this part of the world. Although there are indications that the world has been bought over by strange beliefs, Tobiloba still believes that chastity depends on personal determination and beliefs. ‘’Because a large number of people are doing it does not mean everyone is doing it’’.

Well it is not the same story for Mrs Nwachukwu, a banker in Lagos. She believes youths of nowadays don’t care about tomorrow unlike when years ago. ‘’All our youths are concerned with now is the enjoyment and satisfaction of today. I don’t think celibacy or sexual abstinence makes any meaning to them in any way. Most of them do not even know the spiritual inclinations involved in having sex with different people…that is why you will see one person having up to four five partners at a time,’’ she said.Mr. Tony, an accountant in Lagos however took a different road to the issue when asked the question. According to him, celibacy is not a thing anymore in our world but it is a lot better. According to him, most men prefer a non-virgin than a virgin. ‘No man wants a boring woman. In fact, it is work to marry an inexperienced woman’.

Miss Oluwabunmi, an undergraduate of the Lagos State University believes celibacy is highly overrated. She made it known that there was a time she was celibate but she gave in to her boyfriend who they plan to marry after school. ‘It is very difficult to stay chaste the moment you try it once. I’ve been there before and I know what it is now. To me, sticking to one partner is also chastity.’

Now to you, do you think celibacy is still important?

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