The Truth Most Single Men And Women Don’t Want To Hear

There wide spread of ignorance today among younger folks and this is partly due to recent development in social networking. They grow up oblivious of certain inestimable facts needed for a fabulous experience in marriage.

Let me tell you: It’s not because you’re too fat or too slim that’s why he left or haven’t even come around. Most of the times, we aren’t really, truly ready and ripe for marriage. In that situation, some things most singles don’t wanna hear are;

1. You’re getting old and your freshness fading; start preparing to really be a husband/ wife. All these walking around tying wrapper over your upper region, e- begging of card and money on the internet as if the guys are owing you, Quit it already. Forget picmix, it too shall pass.

2. Without Superb culinary skills, your hubby might be enticed by an “Ekaete”. Never underestimate the power of a delicious, well-served afang soup. It’s like venison to the soul!

3. Beauty is never enough, Bum & Boobs are gonna get rough. Character will stay tough. Character is seen in two: Patience and Love. 21st century singles need to understand this.

4. The habits you don’t subdue as a single has 70% chance showing up in your marriage. Haha! The difference between the Married guy and the Single guy, most times, it’s just the ring. The ring is not like “Lord of the Ring” that has inbuilt power. An average man hides his ring to get fresh “interns”

5. Leave your father’s house. Are we in the old testament? (males only)
You’re 30 and still in daddy’s house, please find a way out. Be a man and taste the feeling “living alone” brings. Staying alone teaches you something. Hmm!

6. Ladies are ladies when they receive from their man- it will never change. The earlier you get it in your skull, the easier it will be. However, she might give for love but trust me, you’ll pay back! 50% increase! cheesy

7. The Romantic part of your spouse will end between 6 – 18 months of your marriage. How ready are you to be flexible, diplomatic, forgiving and patient? Get ready to hear his snoring, perhaps like that of a cricket! Do you know she can fart? Hmm!

8. Why you’re advised to ignore a man with television and pursue he with vision is because vision can get you more than a 100 television. Be smart!

9. If you get married just because she is good in bed or because he is a s*x machine; after having marathon of it, what else will you guys be doing together? So, marry one whose life and dreams interest you, in certain degree.
Have you met a guy/girl who is into what you love? As you discuss with him, there is a kinda connection. That connection is and should be the basis for choosing a life partner and NOT he has a big ‘kini’ or she is smoking hot!

10. The man is the Head (Isi) of the family- what that means is, he is the head. Don’t fight it. (Even female lions know better, lol) Actually if you do, some may not notice, but others won’t let you because it is just in- born, you know. I know ladies who are born control-freaks. It’s okay as long as he is okay with it. BTW, the woman is a help to the man (feminists don’t wanna hear this.). She won’t feel complete until she has a man by her. Forget gays, they are awkward!

You may be guilty one way or another, that’s why I opened the thread. Everyone needs to learn more.

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