“This Is The Only Way Nigeria Will Move Forward” – Do You Agree With Governor Fashola?

Outgoing governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola, saus that every Nigerian must obey law and order if the country is to be moved forward.

At the opening ceremony of the 3rd Session of the 32nd Synod of the Diocese of Lagos, Anglican Communion, held at Our Saviour’s Anglican Church, Lagos, Fashola said the incoming administration can only be successful if everyone plays their roles.

“To move Nigeria forward, let every Nigerian obey the laws and order, you cannot obey law and order when it suits you but disobey them when it doesn’t suit you. At this moment of great expectations, all of us have a very important role to play, and our roles will be bigger than those that were elected into office.”

“Our nation will be as good as we wish it to be, we decide the kind of society we want to live in, we make those decisions by the actions that we take and the actions that we refuse to take.”

“I see abiding by law and order as the most important issue that we have not really focus on in Nigeria,” he added.

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