Tinubu Once Suggested To Scrap The Nigerian Senate, And It Was Not A Joke!


In one of his speeches dating back to 2012 Bola Tinubu, currently the All Progressives Congress national leader, called for scrapping of the Nigerian Senate to reduce the cost of government.

This is being recalled amid the political crisis within the APC over the Senate leadership.

The politician, who was at that time the national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, alleged that it would be better to allow solely the House of Representatives to act for the people.

He was quoted as saying by The Punch:

“We have kept complaining about the cost of governance and the recurrent expenditure. But we have never examined the structural problem of even the constitution that we are operating.

“Why do we need two Houses of the National Assembly, whereas the House of Representatives representing the smaller constituencies is enough in the same number of population. Why not get rid of the Senate for a slim and better legislative activity? Let us start examining that.”

Reacting to the statement, senators were surprised with Tinubu’s idea, and stressed that his wife was a serving senator.

Senate leader Victor Ndoma-Egba commented:

“What is the logic behind a bicameral legislature? It is adopted in a heterogeneous society. The Senate is a representation based on equality. If you scrap the Senate, then you have denied the minorities proper representation.”

Back to 2015. In the mock election for the Senate leadership Ali Ndume yesterday defeated Ahmad Lawan with nine votes to two. However, Lawan dismissed the results saying he was not part of the polls and had no knowledge of the purported exercise.

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