Screening: Check Out The Top 5 Most Popular Ministerial Nominees

At the moment, the ongoing ministerial screening is one of the most talked about topic on the lips of Nigerians.

Some of the nominees exhibited an excellent performance, dazzling Nigerians who couldn’t stop talking about it.

There were some other nominees that kept Nigerians anticipating their screening as they were a bit controversial and had a lot of drama surrounding their nomination.

Below are some of the nominees who have so far been the star attractions at the ongoing ministerial screening.

1. Babatunde Fashola: the former governor of Lagos state was screened on October 14. There were some controversial allegations against the ex-governor of Lagos state which contributed to the build-up of interest in the minds of Nigerians.


During his screening, he held the attention of the senators as he confidently answered his questions.

When quizzed about the borehole and website fraud allegation, he responded: “As governor of Lagos state, i didn’t sign cheques, none of my commissioners signed cheques.”

He won the hearts of many Nigerians and some are started campaigning for him to be president of Nigeria.

2. Amina J. Mohammed:

She is one of the six female ministerial nominees. She was screened by the Senate on October 13. Amina confidently answered the questions thrown at her during screening. She talked about the need for Nigeria to integrate the new Sustainable Development Goals into its long term plans.

Amina J. Mohammed

Amina J. Mohammed

She captured the hearts of many Nigerians with her intelligence and confidence.

3. Kayode Fayemi:

The former governor of Ekiti state showed that he was not just any kind of politician but a smart one. Fielding questions from senators, he challenged anyone to bring an invoice of 50 million naira bed he was accused of buying in the state house during his tenure as governor.


I challenge anyone to bring an invoice of a bed in the state house that is worth N50m. I did not spend irresponsibly on it. It is probably one of the cheapest state houses in Nigeria,” he said.

4. Lai Mohammed: The national publicity secretary of the APC was nominated to represent Kwara state as a prospective minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet. A mild drama ensued during his screening.


He was not allowed to speak as senators who were apparently APC members began to yell at the APC scribe saying: “Bow and go… bow and go.”

It took the intervention of the Senate president, Bukola Saraki for the senators to give him an opportunity to speak.

5. Rotimi Amaechi: The nomination of Amaechi was trailed with controversy as senators from his state opposed his becoming a minister. His screening was deferred on three different occasions following a petition by three senators from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over allegations against him by his successor Nyesom Wike.

After much drama, the former governor was screened on Thursday, October 22. Amaechi was trending on social media. He was one of the most talked about ministerial nominee as people couldn’t stop lashing the PDP for turning dumb and not asking him any question. Others made fun of Amaechi after he said had never taken bribe in his life.