Top Military Officer Makes Shocking Revelations About Boko Haram, Says They Cannot Read Qur’an

The newly appointed Acting Director Army Public Relations (Ag DAPR), Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, has dropped a bombshell about the insurgents!

The military officer took to his Facebook page to reveal that the insurgents do not know how to read the Qur’an as most of them are not even practicing the religion.

Military-Boko Haram
Read his post below:

IRONICALLY SHAMEFUL!!”Most of the Boko Haram terrorists captured by Nigerian Military cannot read the Holy Qur’an,…

Posted by SK Usman on Friday, August 28, 2015

Some of those who commented on the post berated the terrorists, claiming that the end of insurgency is near following the recent successes recorded against them by the Nigerian troops.

A certain Obong Joseph Frank believes that the insurgents are not Muslims because nobody practising Islam would perpetrate such evil acts.

According to him: “of course, we all know vividly that they are not Muslims because the Muslims that I know can never be that heartless to the point of beheading their fellow human being all in d name of western education. God will bring them to His rout of fire and they will be doomed soon.”

Lagos-based Akinpelumi Akin-Shittu, in his comment, stated: “Very interesting.. we must get to the root of the matter as well as their sponsors, financiers” while Stephen Andow was certain that the insurgents were never Muslims from the onset.

The former Military officer said: “from the beginning it was obvious that they were not Muslims. I see them as what would unify Nigeria and help us to set aside religious, tribal differences and other forms nepotism.

“We must face it. This problem affects the whole of Nigeria and not just the North. We must all arise with one voice to condemn these evil men.”

In a swift reaction to Obong’s comment above, Maulud Ali was quite confident that Nigerians are beginning to unite in the war against the insurgents.

“Obong you have said it all. Despite the fact that you are a Christain, you were able to say the BOKO HARAM are not Muslim. Correct!

“Most of them are free tinkers. They are neither Muslims nor Christians. If not, how can a good Muslim or Christian enter a mosque or a church and set bomb there, killing innocent people for the sake of religion?

“If the way you talk is how people of south east understand they will be appreciate what BOKO HARAM insurgents are doing in the north east of Nigeria.

“Thank you Mr Obong and God bless you and your entire family,” he enthused.

Shafiu Suleiman, who works with DAAR Communications, affirmed that, “there was nothing religious about them right from day 1″ just as Balele Ali Kankara, another commentator, said “May almighty God continue to expose them, and deal with them accordingly.”

Meanwhile, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has promised Nigerians that the army will meet the deadline given by president Muhammadu Buhari for crushing the Boko Haram insurgency.