Money Laundering: No Safe Haven Here, UK Tells Corrupt Nigerians

The United Kingdom government has sent a strong warning to corrupt politicians and looters of African resources that UK will no longer be safe havens for them.


This charged was made by UK minister for Africa and Department for International Development, Grant Shapps.

He noted that corrupt Africans have laundered the commonwealth of the people which has resulted to underdevelopment of the Africa continent signaling that the days of looters are now numbered as  the government has put machinery in place to frustrate looters and also protest its financial system.

Shapps added that the UK will provide the needed support for the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari to strive.

The UK minister made this disclosure on Tuesday, October 13 at the launch of a 100 million pounds public sector accountability and governance programme initiated by the UK government in Kaduna state.

He said: “Corruption in Nigeria also affects the UK directly. Where we have evidence, we will continue to take action to protect the integrity of the UK’s financial system and prevent its use for money laundering purposes.”

Shapps expressed the willingness of the UK government to partner with Nigeria in building strong and vibrant institution that will fight corruption and insecurity saying: “Nigeria matters to the UK. The UK is fully committed to helping Nigeria increase its security, stability and prosperity. Tackling corruption is imperative to that. We share and support President Buhari’s stated commitment to rooting it out.

“We will continue to provide capacity building and technical and investigative support to Nigeria to tackle corruption and are scaling up this support.”

He further added that the Uk government will expose those Nigerians that had siphoned state fund and take legal action against noting that the UK financial system will no longer be used for money laundering purpose.