What We Will Do To Boko Haram In Nigeria – US React To Abuja Twin Bomb Blasts

Following the series of bomb explosions in Nigeria, the United States of America (USA), sends their deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed and injured in Nyanya and Kuje bomb blast in Abuja.


In a press statement released by the United States today, they strongly condemns the dual explosions in the Nyanya and Kuje areas that occurred on Friday, October 2, in Abuja as well as other suicide bombings and militant attacks in Maiduguri and Adamawa states on Independence day, October 1.

They further expressed their condolences saying, the tragic events are stark reminders that violent extremists will stop at nothing to inflict horrific and indiscriminate harm upon innocent lives. In particular, Boko Haram’s reign of terror and sheer brutality have left thousands dead and millions displaced.

The United States stands with the government and the people of Nigeria to defeat Boko Haram and other perpetrators of terrorism.  Through our security and counter-terrorism assistance, our unparalleled commitment aims to help Nigeria achieve this goal.

It could be recalled that tragedy struck once again in the Federal Capital Territory on Friday night, October 2 as twin bomb blast which rocked Kuje, and Nyanya, two satellite towns of Abuja.