VIDEO: Buhari Speaks On Boko Haram, Corruption & Recovery Of Stolen Funds

President Muhammadu Buhari in his interview to BBC Africa to mark 100 days in office has spoken about the Boko Haram insurgency, corruption, recovering of stolen funds.


Nigerian leader said security officials were very successful in the fight against Boko Haram.

President Buhari said there is a necessity in a quicker end to the suicide bombers who continue to launch their attacks on remote areas.

The president said if it was to believe the money was given to the security, to see what the credit crush militants.

He said: “With the resources available to us at the time, I think the Nigerian Military and law enforcement have done well in our first task of securing the country. Our goal is to prevent them captured villages and cities, but it would take a long time before a stop to suicide attacks.”

The president also said that Nigerian Army knows that Chibok girls kept in different places, so Boko Haram cannot be taken by surprise and the girls released.

On the issue of corruption, Buhari said he joined the world to recover stolen loots and particularly that stolen from crude oil.

“We are getting a lot of results. We hope in a couple of months’ time we can make clear disclosures and start the prosecution of those that had been stealing the crude. Those who have been in charge of the NNPC at top level, they can’t claim ignorance of what has been happening for the last ten years”.

Buhari added that because of the system in the West and developed countries, people are all innocent until they’re proven guilty.

Watch full interview below:

Nigerian leader took office more than 100 days ago on a wave of hope that he would quickly deal with a deepening economic crisis and the insurgency. So far, he hasn’t met those expectations.

Buhari has delayed naming a cabinet until September. As the momentum of being the first opposition candidate to win power at the ballot box fades, critics are mocking him as a “Baba Go Slow.”