WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 1


I Arrive Alagboja Village on Tuesday morning the day am writting my first paper “economics” with my school bag full with shirts,trousers and other stuffs its was a very stressfull jorney abt 4hours.

On my way i saw one lovely lady she’s short,fair with killer hips her boobs was like nicki minajs own i approach her and asked her if she knew the school i was writting exam she look at me and ask am i also writting waec GCE i said yes then she said she is also writting economics today i was happy i ask her if the place was far from where we are she said no that we can trek, on our way i asked her name and she said Sarah she ask mine i said emgrin for seconds my eyes keep staring at her huge ass she noticed and smile we chatted abt our secondary school lifes for like 20min then we arive the school. she introduce me to her freinds menh see fine bebxxx they al had instant crush on me i
noticed dat.

Then Examiners rang the bell and we entered the exam hall my sit number was 094 i located it and sat down bow my head down then remenber i have not fix Accomodation. i became worried, suddenly a dark slim gurl wearing short skirt with married woman Big Boobs came to me and said hi am Bose Your sit Mate i reply and say Am Emgrin She sat down.

Bose: whr are you from?
Me: Abuja
Bose: Cool you most be rich
Me: I smiled and said in my mind *if you turn bundle of 1000naira note i wl pick you*
Bose: Am from Lagos sha you look worried y?
Me: i Have Not Secured Accomodation Yet that
Bose: *laufs* is Dat Why You are worried well you can stay with me before you will get your own accodation if you can Padlock Your Trouser, You no what i mean
Me: *laufs* thanks maa you are very funny
Bose: you welcome dear
Exam started i cleared everything and bose was using style to steal my answers lol lagos gurls i said in my mind after 3hours we submit and went out the hall sarah saw me and Came
Me: How was the paper?
Sarah: fine, whr are you going to Sleep?
Me: my sit mate have offered me to stay with
her before i get my own accomodation
Sarah: Her? is she a female?
Me: yes suddenly her face changed i can feel
she is sad she brought out lacasera and
eggro she bought for me i collectd it and said
thanks she ask for my number and i gave her,
she said she will call me later and left Bose
arrive with her *Garara* Busybody, she tap
me and say let go she stoped a Okada tell him
whr we are going and Claim then Asked me
to join her i claim and sat down it was tight
she halfly Sat Down On My Dick with her
Medium size ass suddenly My Dick Start Gettin
Hard she notice laufed and said “OTeele” Meaning you No Even Strong


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