WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 15


before i know alot people have gathered i recived slap from every coner a mobile police(mopo)
officer came and ask what happen…

Mopo: hey why are you beating this guy?

Driver: his a ritualist

Me: am nt a ritualist sir..

Mopo: how did u know his a ritualist?

Driver: he gave me fake money

Mopo: *laufs* do ritualist mak fake money are you stupid? Hey you how did you get
fake money?…..I explain everything to him he paid the
driver he told me to stay out of trouble i collected his
number he was really nice his a God sent i dont have any money with me i trek home from ”Dutse Alhaji” to
”ussi” it was not easy i got home around 9am sweating
i greeted my dad, my sister was so happy to see

Dad: why did you come so late?

Me: our car spoil on
our way coming

Dad: the journey most be very

Me: yes sir Daddy where is uncle tosin

Dad: he just went to the airport not upto 10min he waited for
you we tout you are not coming again

Me: what did he
keep for me

Dad: nothing he insist he wants to give you
face to face

Me: chai which airport did he went toDad:
Nmadi azikwe Airport……

Me: Dad pls give me his
number.. I try calling him bt his phone is switch off I colect N2000 from my sister i rush outside stop a taxi i
told him to take me to Airport at abt 30min we get to
the airport i start describing him to people they start
looking at me like a mad man i saw a immigration

Me: hello sir Immigration off: hello how can i
help you

Me: sir have the flight to europe moved? Immigration off: no but they are about to move any

Me: i need to collect money for my school fees
from my uncle pls help me

Immigration off: no problem
but you will find me something

Me: no problem sir …. He
smmugle me i saw people abt entering the plane i
shouted uncle tosin uncle tosin ..my uncle turned back i was so happy i ran to him we hug each other he deep
hands inside his pocket and gave me €1200 chai i was
so happy he entered the plane i went back to the
immigration officer and gave him N1000 he looked me
with a ugly squeez face and collect it. i went home take
my bath lol i was fellin like Don jazzy wear my red jordan shoe a white shirt and a black trouser with
4versace chains i went to the aboki selling provision
outside my house my very good freind and borrow
N5000 i bounce to Unionbank i ask the security wether
they change euro here he said no that i should goto
Gtbank i took a cab to Gtbank i entered i ask the security where i can change euro he direct me to a man i saw
people with dollars i join the cew the next thing i hear is
GUN SHOT chai it Armed Robbers in the bank


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