WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 16


the full armed
robbers entered the bank starts shouting gun non
stop they rob for about 20min they stole alot of
money and left… After they left I cant stop
thanking God, i ran outside the bank the police
arrive they shouted PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR
HEAD!!! Chai this people tout am a armedrobber
they came close to me handcuff my hand and push
me in their bus….

Me: sir you are mistaking am nt
among the armed robbers

Police Man: are you mad?
We caught you running out a bank immediately
after robbery and you say u no be theif?

Me: sir am
nt a theif i also went to Bank to do sum stuff

Police Man: some stuffs like stealing u better shot up now
or anything you say or Do shall be use against you
in the court of law……..Chai am in trouble i said to
myself we arive the police station they search me
they saw N4000,€1200 and my phone…..Police
man: theif where did you keep your Gun?

Me: *crying* pls sir am nt a theif i dont have a
GunPolice Man: idiot fool…… Sergent come and
take this theif torture him and trow him the cell…
They took me to one room and give me the beating
of my life after 6hours of me being in the cell the
Bank Manager Arrive and the Security they brought
me out the cell and present me as a Armed
Robber…..Bank Security: sir i dont tink this guy is a
armed robber Police Man: na theif him beBank
Manager: why did you say so? Bank Security: he
came to me and ask where he can change Euro
before the incident happend sirPolice Man: we
found €1200 in his pocketBank Manager: officer
release this Guy….They release me i went home
with swelon face,sad Dad: what happened to your
face? …i explain everything to him he took me to
the chemist outside our compound and bought
drugs for me. i arranged my cloths preparing for
Alagboja to write Agric paper i remember the
€1200 uncle tosin gave me i remove it from my
pocket and keep it inside my bag. The next
morning i picked my bag my dad gave me
N20,000 i was so happy …I went outside paid the
aboki i borrowed N5000 from put N10,000 in my
bag i counted the rest of the money remaining it
was N8000 with what i have left yesterday i stop a
cab and ask him to take me to motor pack, on
arriving the motor i entered ALAGBOJA car…i
stayed for about 1hour before the bus qot fell it
was around 11am and i have Agric paper 3pm on
our way going, about 24km to enter ALAGBOJA
gunshot from no where jst hit our car back tire
gunmen came and ask everybody to come


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