WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 17


i was already
shaking…..we came down from the car they told us
to submit all our money we all did my mind was on
my bag, they flee to the bus i cant stop tanking
God my €1200 was not collected i was so happy
they did not search our bag the driver fixed the car
spear tire, we continue our journey to ALAGBOJA

I was just smilling why others where
frowning at abt 2:00pm we arrive alagboja i stop
okada and ask him to take me to my area.. He ride
fast abt 8min we where in front of my house i
removed N1000 from my bag and point toward his
hand ….

OKADA MAN: no i cant collect money from
youME: haa why?

OKADAMAM: it a abormination to
collect money from ALAGBOJA MASQURADE…..I
smile as i return my money to my bag ”thank you”
i said to him and. i went to my room freshing up
went to BREAD & BEANS JOINT…. I meet a very
dark & beautiful girl their at first i was not intrested
in her because i dont like dark girls but when she
turn her back to fetch Beans for a customer i look
at her Buttocks chai it was like she had butt implant
immediately i started having erection and
sweating….i said to her Aunty what your name.?
Am Bisola..

Me: Lovely name am Emgrin

Bisola: ok
what do you want to buy

Me: Put Beans N50 bread
N50 and 3meat

Bisola: ok

Me: i use to come here
atimes i dont normally see you i only see one old

Bisola: yea i just came back from school the
old woman you talking about is my mum

Me: wow i
never knew she had a beautiful daughter like
youBisola: *laufs* thank you…..She gave me the
food i ordered for..

Me: which school are you

ABU ZARIA…………*chai this bebe self don enter
school and i still they struggle with waec*

Me: wow
cool what are you studying

Bisola: haaa you asked
too many question oooo am tired………I feel very
sad and embarassed but as a sharp guy i just

Me: you know wether i wan give you

Bisola: *laufs* i study medcine am in
300level so where the scholarship?? I said to myself
*Chai for me to F**K this beb i have to be very
smart oooo*

Me: *laufs* that one na small thing
gimme your number…

Bisola: 0809166****** do
you stay in this village?

Me: no ooo i came here to
write WEAC GCE For my jnr.brother

Bisola: cool *whr
do you school

Me: i finished from unilag i will do my
NYSC this year but am currently managing my dad
Filling station

Bisola: wowwww you managing a
filling station

Me: yes

Bisola: cool your pocket go
heavy bdat

Me: *laufs*

…..Then i quickly flash back i
have Agric paper 3pm i checked my phone it was
3:29pm i was shocked .. We will see later bisola i
have a paper nw *i stand up with my erect Joystick*
and run outside


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