WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 19


i called her back …

Me: hello dear Bisola: am fine and you

Me: fine

Bisola: jst want to knw how is your exam that why i
called youMe: it waz good thanks

Bisola: ok. Where are you now?

Me: at home of course where i wan go for this boring village

Bisola: yeap i would have come but am a little busy here

Me: no problem i understand

Bisola: ok later bdat bye

Me: bye take care::: i jst keep wondering why bisola became so
caring suddenly ”is it because am handsome ”blush” ”is it because i told her am
managing my dad filling station” i jst keep

I was hungry i decide to go out to eat
on my way someone grab me from back i turn
and look at the person to my greatest suprise it
was Sarah…Me: Sarah na wa ooo you did not
even ask of meSarah: it not so oooo i lost my
phone i came to your house your neighbour told
me you traveled Me: yea Sarah: a friend told me
she saw you today so i decide to check you
.where are you going?Me: i they hungry i wan go
find something eatSarah: my dad and mum have
traveled to ibadan for my Aunty weding let me go
home and cook for youMe: it already late dont
stress yourselfSarah: no i want to stress myself for
you.Me: ok ooo….She left i went back home After
35min she returned with a cooler. Me: welcome
dearSarah: thanks bebe … She open the cooler
”wow” it was semovita and vegetable soup i
asked her to eat with me bt she refused i was
scared at first maybe the food was poison she
notice and accept to eat with me we ate together
and gist for like an hour…. I checked the time it
was 11:25pmMe: sarah it last i guess you should
be going nowSarah: i want to sleep here todayMe:
no you cant sleep here what about your
brotherSarah: his not a kid . Or you dont want me
to stay here are you expecting someone?Me: noo
ooo you can stay Sarah: you are not romantic as
before or you dont like me anymore?”for my
mind_laufs so na Joystick you want that one no be
problem” Me: is not so bebe i moved close to her
kiss her chest lay her straight on the bed and
claim on her smooch her Bosom as i kiss her
passionately my phone rang i checked, it was a
text message from bisola i opened it ”hello emgrin
am at the shop we closed late today and i could
not get a okada to take me home can i come to
your house to spend the night i cant sleep here
am scared” chai gbesere ooo i said to


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