WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 2


I tried to control my erect dick bt it was not
answering me, bose jst keep laufing i was so
disappointed in myself we reach her house
and she told the okadaman to stop i wanted
to pay bt she insist and payed we went into
her room i droped my bag she cooked
indomie we ate together no dout Bose is a
Good Cook she went out and fetch two
bucket of water she remove the purple top
she was putting on facing me and gently
remove her short skirt remaining only pant
and bra omo see shape menh my dick nearly
removed from socket bt i sat on the bed and
use my two leg to cover it my dick was nearly
raising my leg up, she tie her rapper

Bose: hope you did not see anything

Me: No maa “in my mind” do i look like a blind
man to you, b4 i liv this house i most bang
this gurl *for my mind ooo*

Bose: better *laufs* let me go nd bath

Me: ok, some minute later Sarah called and
said is this emgrin, how am doing we talked
and she said let chat on whatsapp then she
cut the call Bose entered

Bose: your water is ready anytime you want
to bath

Me: thanks i wl bath now you are very kind.

Then i open my bag brings out my towel i
remove my shirt and trouser

Bose: Menh see 6pac and big tool guys like
you can Banged a lady to death

Me: lol Ladies like you can make Guys Erect till

Bose: that why u want to tire your trouser when we are on Okada

Me: its your fault na

Bose: jst go and bath ashawo guy.
Me: ok maa i went into their small bathroom
thinking on how i will bang Bose. I finish
bathing went into the room i saw Bose
sitting on the bed tieing only towel i rub my
cream and am about wearing my cloth when
she said.
Bose: pls can you help me rub cream on my
Me: no p “for my mind” the hour has come. lol
for my mind oo. She brought out Caro white
cream she lay on the bed and she gave it to
me i rub it gentle on her back tinking how i
wl get her in the mood to bang. I rub the
cream gently then i surmon courage then
bring my finger down to her ass she keep
queit and pretend as if she did not notice
then i move my hands to her big boobs and
she did not talk wow e don set bdat oo i said
in my mind i turn her kiss her lips, put my
tounge on her boobs she morn i suck it for
like 8minutes my dick has raise like they add
yeast to unbake bread almost tireing my
boxer i turn her pussy suck it she scream and
morn i play with her pussy for 10min then
she pure her juice on my face, i brought out
my hard dick to bang her she said stop stop
stop i was like are you crazy in my mind i beg
her that she should allow me to do even it
1round she said no i wanted to force her
then i remenber she is a lagos gurl they can b
crazy atimes.
Bose stand up wear her cloth i look her with
a sad face like person wey lost iphone6, she
no even care and went out. my dick was up
over erect for like 3hours i pity myself almost
crying i jst sat down and nurse my erect dick.


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