WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 21


I lay beside her we gist for abt 20minute then she slept off I carefully wear my trouser open the door and close it gently then I went back to my house Sarah too was already asleep menh I was relive then I remember I left bisola Unclad on the chair I stay for some minutes and think “what if she wake up Unclad and she did not see me or a customer open the door in the morning and saw her Unclad I tout for a while then I went back to bisola shop and she was not awake I woke her up..

Me: wear your cloths ain’t you felling cold
Bisola: sebi you are d one that removed them ”moreover I still want more
Me: lol more what
Bisola: lol d thing you gave me that made me sleep
Me: laufs.. Am tired dear
Bisola: dont worry just remove your trouser and sit down
”Chai am dead I said to myself”
Me: bisola am tired pls
”She push me on a chair remove my Joystick F­rom my trouser its was a little erect she hold it and start rubbing it up and down within 15sec my Joystick raise she sat on it and start moving up and down chai even I was so weak I really enjoy the treat for abt 18minute I ejaculate in her she wanted going for the second round then I begged her she lauf and come down

Bisola: lazy man
Me: am tired ne
Bisola: wetin u do wey you tire?
Me: this kind of banging u just did it can kill
Bisola: lol you never see anything

“”I checked the time it was abt 2:55am menh na die how I wan carry enta house now without this gurl “”
Me: I shouted “Jesus”
Bisola: what
Me: I plug water with electric heater before coming here
Bisola: haaa!!!!! OK let go

Me: no wait “” I wear my trouser and ran out of the shop ” wow my trick worked I said to myself ”

On my way home I heard a shout stop! stop! stop! chai it alagboja hunters I ran they followed me for abt 1minute the next thing I had was a gun shot that landed on my my left leg I fell down immediately


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