WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 22


C­hai it was like hell blood starts rushing out my legs the hunters took me to the chief priest house (olaogun’s father) I was tie down in front of a tree and flogged through out the night early in the morning the chief priest came out and saw me he recognise my face he did some incantation immediately the bullet jump out of my leg and I could not fell any pain again he order for my quick release I went home with full body pain on getting home around 6:10am I heard shout from my room I entered quickly to my surprise I saw Sarah holding bisola cloth tieing i was so shocked to see bisola I was wondering how she knew my house chai

Me: Sarah was the problem why holding her?
Sarah: she came this morning asking of you she even said both of you where together 3am mid night
Me: pls live her alone
Bisola: emgrin is this the kind of love you promise me?

M­e: pls I can explain is not what you think
…I drag sarah hand off her cloth bisola left with a sad face
Sarah: you are a grear cheat god will punish you…
Me: you are a foolish girl this girl you just harras her father works with waec she said if I Dont have

Affair with her that I won’t pass by now you should also know that you are in trouble
Sarah: has I don’t know now
Me: you better follow her and beg her ….
Sarah quickly wear her cloths and run out
…I picked my phone and call bisola I called her like 8times she did not picked I hide my number then call her the 9time then she pick
Bisola: what do you want emgrin?
Me: is not what you tink that girl helped me to write 3papers when I travel to abuja and I promise her that I will do what ever she asked I was surprise when said she wants to spend 3night at my house and yesterday was the third night
Bisola: and so u s*x her
Me: nooo she seduce me but I refuse she is on her way to beg you right now pls am sorry you know I love you
Bisola: hmmm no problem I love you too I will come to your house later
Me: okk love…
Chai na me be devil himself I lauded..

Around 1am bisola knocked my door
Me: come in
She was wearing a hot short skirt holding a white lylon bag

S­he sat down on my bed she brought out a lacasera juice from her bag and handed it over to me I open it I notice it was already loose before but I was so sure bisola can not harm me I drank it abt 3min later I started dosing off I did not no what abt the next thing is I woke up again I checked the time it was 10pm haaa it was like a dream the next thing that came to my mind was my £1200 my uncle gave me I checked where I hide it I could not see it chai I self fainted for a minute.


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