WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 3


After some hours i regain my self back it already 8pm i pick my
phone i saw sarah messages on whatsapp we chat then i told her
i love her and she said she was expecting me to say that she
said she seen a room near her house N800 per month and she
have paid for me i was so happy atleast i can live this witch
tommorow i went out buy some snacks eat it went back to bose
room and sleep…

I woke up the next morning
Bose: Good morning
Me: morning ma.
Bose: am sorry
Me: am the one to say am sorry for making the move to se*x you
Bose: hmmm
Me: have rented a room i will be moving today thanks for
accomodating me.
Bose: is it because of what happen yesterday u want to lif me?
Me: nooo ooo
Bose: ok

sarah called me and ask me whr i am i explain the place for her
and wait outside the compound she came with her freind she
introduce me to her i told her am emgrin she said her name is
Olaogun i was like haa! na die oo which kind name bdis (olaogun
= wealth of God of Iron) she said she is the daughter of “Alagboja” Chief priest

Me: ok nice meetin you
Olaogun: nice meetin you too, i want go and buy some stuffs frm
the market
Me: ok ooo buy Pop corn for me ooo
Olaogun: lol ok i wl buy it
Me: ok wl she waiting…

Me and sarah pick a cab and went to the room she rented for me
she brought a small student bed for me from their house i close
the door i kissed her we romance each other i wanted to remove
her cloth then she said she is on her period *chai i don die i said
for my mind so am gona nurse this raise Dick again*

Me: ok
Bose: sorry
Me: No problem i love you
Bose: i love you too let me go home and prepare food for my
parent so i can bring some for you
Me: ok dear, she left i brought my hard dick and look at it i pity
myself and wonder why this is happening to me. Then someone
knock i arrange my self and ask who is that then i hear a sweet
slow voice said it me olaogun i was suprise then i said come in
Olaogun: this is ur popcorn
Me: *laufs* i was joking ooo bt thanks i collect it open the
leather bag and start eating
Olaogun: let me be going
Me: noo ooo come and sit down let eat together for my mind *abi
u don put ur papa juju* she sat down near me we had body
contact then my dick signal Me chia..
Me: can you help me blow my eyes she came near me and blow
it i immediately plant a french kiss on her lips i suck it she
became weak i sharly remove her cloth then i suck her boobs she
morn in enjoyment i remove my erect dick and she said stop
before you se*x me i want to tell you something i said dont worry
after se*x we can talk she try to say something but i suck her lips
i turn her ass and bang it she shout morn den i release i turn her
pussy i put my dick in, it was so tight blood just pop out i did not
no she was a virgin then i release inside her pussy she wear her
cloth then i asked what she wanted to tell me she said any man
that sleep with her his penis wont work on any other lady unless
her that it called
“okokan” (meaning One Dick) i shout and said i don die


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