WAEC Adventure At Alagboja Village [A Story] – Part 7


I was shocked immediatly i started shaking

Olaogun Father: you dont have a choice here you must play by my rules Me: i said with fear ok sir…i left their house fustrated i was thinking about how to commit sucide then i remember my family. on my way home i heard loud voices frm a shop i decide to checkout what happening i saw some guys GAMBLING on pes2 Game am a expert on pes2 games i know all the cheats, i ask them if i could join they said yes but Gambling starts with N1000 i told them i have only N100 they said they dnt gamble with pea nut money i went home unhappy because i have no means of surviving in this village it just like am in a cell i open my bag to carry my phone spare battery then i saw my Air Max Nike Shoe then i flash back to the Gamehouse i pick the shoe then walk faster to the Gamehouse i saw some local Swag Guys i approach them and market the shoe for them the one

Emgrin: willing to buy said he can only pay N1200 chai shoe wey i buy N9500 i no get option i sold it to him turn back to go find something to Eat then a guy jump out the Gamehouse shouting and celebriting, the guy that bought my shoe ask him what happen he told him he just won N12,000 then i stop and pretend as if i was reciveing call, he ask him wether he want to sell the shoe his holding he said yes they bargain and he paid N7000 for the shoe chaiiii my head just hot shoe wey i sell for you N1200 you sell am N7000 before 240second i tie my face and meet the guy i told him am no more interested in seLling the shoe he look at me and lauf he said if i dont get out of here that he will call area boys to beat me i said you cant do more than a dead rat, he slap me and ran i follow him he went toward the gamehouse door and call out four guys they beat my life blue black green yellow when i cant take the beating anymore i pretend to be death they left me their wen i see they have moved far i run home with full speed

Emgrin: chai i landed on my bed and slept off i woke up the next morning with body pains i went to the near by chemist i check the money in my pocket it was N1100 instead of N1300 i guess i lost N200 during the fight i bought body pains & energy drug N100 i went to provision store buy bread and butter N90 my money was remaining N1010 i call my dad and told him i cant come on sunday i lie to him that their are Armed robbers on the way. i slept off around 1pm i took my bath then sat down thinking how N1000 will sustain me i quickly remenber the Gamehouse i was beaten yesterday night i dress up went their i saw the guy i fought with yesterday i apologize to him we settle i went into the game house i Gamble with my N1000 i keep winning and winning i Gamble for like 2hours i won N8000 i was satisfied i left the game house happy i went to a food resturance i order for one plate of food and 12meat she said N240 lol very cheap i said i ate and went home

Emgrin: Like 20min later.. sarah came with one boy i look at his face he was among the boys who beat me at the game house yesterday she introduce him as her juniour brother i pretend as if i did not recognize him. sarah look romantic even if i want to se*x her this mumu boi wl spoil show i look at her boobs then my dick signal me ”Am Hungry bros” chai konji no good at all then i use style to push N7000 under bed, and tell sarah let go and get soft drink outside that her brother should wait for us we went out i took sarah to my dark backyard she said whr are we going i turn her ass to me and her boobs to the wall i pull her skirt and pant i brought out my dick then started banging her Doggy style she was mourning loud i pound faster and faster she mourn louder in enjoyment after 9min i ejaculate in her ass i carry her up put my dick in her pussy then start pounding hard harder i lift her up and down for abt 8min i release in her pussy she said it ok she wear her cloths and clean up i was not too satisfy i was not comfortable i rush outside buy two malt give one to her brother and give the other to sarah they left and i see them off i went home very weak i slept and wake up the next day i wanted to suscrib my phone i carry my bed up to pick N1000 out of the N7000 i kept yesterday i could not see anything JESU MI OOOOO i shouted.



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