Why President Buhari Prefers Int’l Media To Nigerian Journalists

Facts have emerged on why President Muhammadu Buhari would rather speak with the foreign media instead of their Nigerian counterparts.

Buhari-General Assembly 70th session 12th plenary meeting

This much was revealed by the special adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina during a radio programme in Abuja on Monday, October 5, 2015.

The Nigerian president had been blasted from different sections for ignoring the local media when they needed to ask him questions on pressing issues, but always finds it much easier to speak with journalists when he travels out of the country.

But according to Nigerian Bulletin, Adesina emphasised that the world is a global village, therefore it does not matter where the president addresses the media; whether local or international.

He said: “When he (Buhari) goes abroad we always schedule the international media to have an engagement with him. That may not always be easy when he is at home because he has so many things to attend to.

“But we make it a point of duty that every trip abroad, we schedule the international media to speak with him and that is why in France, in New York, in South Africa, wherever he has gone, he will always speak with the media and of course because the world is a global village.

“It sort of pays us to say the world is a global village when we like and when we don’t like we criticize it. But that the world is a global village, we accept.

“Wherever he (the President) says it does not matter; all that matters is that he has said it. The truth is that, whatever he says gets back to us in Nigeria. So does it matter where he says it?

“You know that in the past four months, he had been doing the work; trying to reset the foundation for a lot of things. As ministers come, you know there will be more devolvement and some of those things he had being doing personally, ministers will begin to do.

“He will then have freer time with which to take on the media here in Nigeria. He has been very very busy. The Media Chat will resume soon. You can be sure that when that Media Chat resumes, it is going to be free.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian president recently visited the wards of those involved in the Abuja bomb blasts and even ordered the immediate payment of a girl’s bill after the mother explained to the president that she was shot by armed robbers.