For Attempting To Rape Her, See What Woman Did To Husband’s Friend’s Penis (Photo)

A rape attempt in Akwa-Ibom state went awfully wrong, when the intended victim turned the tables around and the hunter eventually became the hunted.

A certain Linus Ibok who had affection for his best friend’s wife, sought various means to get her to sleep with him but did not find any and so he resorted to rape.

The incident reportedly took place in the Ikono Local Government Area of the state.

On the said day of the incident, Linus had stalked his prey, Mrs Okon Iniabasi, following her all the way to her farmland. And the unsuspecting Iniabasi thought he only wanted to help her with some farm chores; based on his relationship with the family.

However, she was shocked when the alleged rapist began to make confessions of his undying love for her, a gesture which she reportedly rebuked him for.

She went on to ask him to leave the farm, threatening to report to her husband. It was at this juncture that Ibok caught hold of the seemly helpless woman and attempted to rape her.

According to reports by Daily Post, she allegedly played along and let him undress, and when he was fully unclad, she used her machete to cut off his penis.

Having dealt him a big blow, she ran to the village to inform villagers, who rushed to the farm to meet Ibok bleeding profusely, with his penis severed.

As of the time of filing this report, he was still at the hospital where the villagers had rushed him.