What This Woman Did To Her Neighbour Because of N900 Is Too Bad

A quarrel between two women in Lagos, Chiwendu Nwobodo and Iya Daniel has resulted in the loss of the former’s pregnancy after the latter bathed her with hot groundnut oil.

The incident happened in Ogbomosho Street, Ijesha, in the Surulere area of the state where the two women lived. The Punch reports that Chiwendu had kicked away some balls of puff-puff which belonged to Iya Daniel during an argument. Iya Daniel had requested for N900 for the payment of her puff-puff which Chigozie, Chiwendu’s husband promised to pay.

The following day however, Iya Daniel reportedly attacked Chiwendu when she returned from work. She was coming out of the toilet when Iya Daniel carried a pail of hot oil and bathed her with it.

Police from the Ijesha division arrested Iya Daniel while Chiwendu was taken to the hospital. The suspect was released on bail but later rearrested when the victim lost her two months pregnancy and reportedly developed complications due to the injuries sustained from the scald.

Chigozie said on Wednesday, October 21 that his wife lost her first pregnancy since they got married and that he was sad about it.

“She developed complications and started losing blood from her private parts. We were advised to do a scan, and the result showed that she had lost the baby.

“We were advised to take her to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. The doctors said they will have to flush her system to remove the remains of the baby. They also prescribed some drugs to her.

“I am sad because it was supposed to be our first child. We have been married since May 2014 and we were happy when our family doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. But now that she has lost it. I am angry because Iya Daniel caused it.”

Some parts of the victim’s face had peeled off while white fluid oozed out of her ear.

The husband said he wanted the suspect to be charged with what he considered the murder of his unborn child.

“This is murder. I want the law to take its full course in this case.”

In a similar case of violence in Lagos, a woman brutalsed her housemaid with a broken dish. When police came after the matter was reported, the woman hid the girl in a room and lied that she had gone to visit her friend.