World’s Shortest Man Chandra Dangi Dies

World shortest man, Chandra Dangi is dead.

Dangi who hails from Nepal died from pneumonia in a United State hospital Friday, September 4th. He was 75.

He had reportedly been sick in his home which he was treating but had traveled to the US for work where he was rushed to the hospital after his condition worsened

Dangi was just 21.5ins, and was declared the shortest human adult ever documented in history. ‘Today, our circus is flooded with tears at the loss of the world’s smallest man…whom we lovingly called Prince Chandra.’a family friend said

Sultan Kösen, who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 2.51 m, and Chandra Dangi, the shortest man in history measuring only 0.546 m met for the first time to commemorate Guinness World Record Day on November 9, 2014.