Would You Allow Your Spouse To Wear Provocative Dresses?

provocative dress

Everyone likes to look good and be a delight to look at because fashion has become a way of life in the society, however, Yoruba actress, Funke Etti, says she loves wearing mini-skirts despite being a married woman.

In an interview with Punch, the actress who has become scare from the screens, revealed that wearing mini-skirts has become a part of her and she wears them very often.

She said, “Most of the times, I love to wear mini dresses. I really love short dresses like mini-skirts.

“I do it very often. It is just my style. At times I just want to look provocative. I like looking provocative. I love them because whenever I wear them, I feel very comfortable and sexy.

“I also love wearing ankara tops with jeans. I feel so comfortable whenever I dress like that.”

She further disclosed that her husband also likes her wearing provocative dresses but cautions her about revealing too much of her flesh.

“He sometimes cautions me about exposing my body but he always concludes his sentence with ’I trust you.’

“My husband knows that I love opening my cleavage and I love short dresses. So anytime he wants to shop for me, he tends to buy those kinds of dresses. However, he knows that I love mini-skirts a lot.”

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