You Will Never Drink Ogogoro In Your Life After Seeing These Photos

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)The chisel cuts deep into the palm tree, the fruit flies buzz eagerly, and a white sap slowly drips out into the bucket held by Nigerian gin maker Peter Gabriel. He’s collecting the unique ingredient to Nigerian gin — the palm sap.

The bucket fills with the palm sap and drowned fruit flies. Gabriel replaces the full bucket with an empty one and climbs back down the tree. Now he needs to turn his sap into gin.

“Nigerians like their alcohol, everyone likes alcohol,” says Gabriel as he points to his makeshift distillery, situated on the edge of a palm forest, an hour’s drive outside of Lagos.

The distilling process is simple and illegal.

CNN’s Christian Purefoy shared these photos of how local gin popularly known as Ogogoro is brewed somewhere in Nigeria.
Local gin making-streetgist

Local gin making-2-streetgist

Local gin making-3-streetgist

Local gin making-4-streetgist

Local gin making-5-streetgist

Local gin making-6-streetgist

Local gin making-7-streetgist

Local gin making-8-streetgist

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